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Localization Library 1.0

  • What makes the LocalizationLibrary approach a new localization approach
    • LocalizationLibrary: A new localization approach
    • Key principles
    • MVVM-L
    • Static and dynamic localization
  • Localization Library Programming Guide
    • How to setup the LocalizationLibrary in an application
    • PresentationModels and LocalizationModels
    • Static localization by using static resources
      •  LocalizeStatically attribute
    • Dynamic localization by using dynamic resource
      • LocalizeDynamically attribute
      • Policies of version conflicts
      • Creating custom localization providers
    • Assemblies as localization modules
      • DynamicResourcePart attribute
      • On demand assemblies for localization
    • Localize method extension
    • How to use the LocalizationManager
    • Inside the LocalizationLibrary’s engine
    • Debugging and Diagnostic

The documentation will be available as soon as possible.

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